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Los Santos sprawling metropolis, filled with rays of sunshine, full of ambition city. Start your way to perfection. It is full of stars launch their careers and those people who have already reached the peak of his fame. Most of them are now in a difficult position. After a time of crisis in the Western world and the unstable economic situation, everyone is trying to stay afloat, taking cheap reality television show.

At the heart of all the bustle are three very different criminals having their views on how to survive in this environment, and achieving success. Franklin — a petty thief, carrying on the streets of money from the pockets of inattentive pedestrians looking for a way to catch a big fish on turning the new deal. Michael — a former prisoner, his life is not the one he expected. And Trevor — a maniac bent on inflicting cruelty and pain. Such a different team will rotate with major operations on robberies and raids on financial institutions. All this for one purpose — to make a living.

In Grand Theft Auto V is the large, diverse and open world of all ever created in the history of Grand Theft Auto, combining storyline and stunning part of the gameplay. The players have to take a new look at Los Santos, having been in the shoes of each of the three characters whose destinies are intertwined in the course of the game’s story.

All the classic features of the series Grand Theft Auto remained at a consistently high level of inherent Rockstar Games. Black humor on the subject of modern life, along with a completely new and ambitious open world multiplayer.

Development of the game deals with the company Rockstar North, the global release of Grand Theft Auto V will be held September 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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